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The Vampire Facial®

The Vampire Facial® Procedure

The Vampire Facial uses the built-in healing properties of your own blood to rejuvenate, heal, and revive the tissue of the face, in 4 steps:

Step 1:

Isolating the ‘magic’ from your blood

The Vampire Facial procedure starts with a nurse drawing blood from your arm, just like when you’re getting a routine blood test done. We then “spin” your blood in a centrifuge so that we can isolate the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – aka, “Liquid Gold” !!

Step 2:


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure where (after numbing your skin) we create thousands of small perforations in the skin, triggering your body’s natural wound healing and skin remodeling processes.

Step 3:

Coating and soaking your face with growth factors

The growth factors contained in your PRP activate multipotent stem cells that are already in the skin, tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury and that new, younger skin should be generated.

Step 4:

Recovery & maintenance using Altar™ -- the official Vampire Skin Therapy™

The patented ingredient in Altar, SBD-4, works synergistically to enhance the effects of the previous steps and to help supply blood flow to fragile new growth of healthy pleuripotent stem cells. Only certified providers of the Vampire Procedures (Facelift® & Facial®) offer this very important 4th step.

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