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Booking & Payment



New patients who wish to schedule Botox or Xeomin treatment are required to pay a $50 deposit to reserve Dr. Bowen's schedule for this purpose.  Your deposit will apply to your same day treatment. 

Likewise, if you are interested in receiving Laser Hair Removal (LHR), a $50 deposit is required to hold time on Dr. Bowen's schedule to clear you for treatment and start treatment. Your deposit will apply to the first treatment (same day).


If you are a new patient interested in any other service offered at Dr. Bowen's office -- or if you are just not sure which service is best for you -- please book a consultation with Dr. Bowen.  It's his job to understand your concerns and recommend the service or services that he thinks will be best for you!

The fee for the consultation with Dr. Bowen is $150, and is pre-paid

Once you've completed the consultation, if you move forward with recommended services within 3 months' time, we will give you a $150 discount on your services, corresponding to the $150 fee you already paid for the consultation.


Payment is due in full at the time of service.


There will be a 3.95% fee for any debit or credit card transactions.  This fee is waived when paying by ACH (electronic check), cash or check.  Please note that ACH payment requires you provide your Routing and Account numbers


The Practice's preferred method of payment is an "old-school" paper check!  If you can find one, bring it to your appointment! ;)

As a courtesy, we (generally) send a text a day or two before scheduled appointments, to remind patrons of our Payment Policy.  However, it is ultimately your responsibility to stay apprised of our payment policies by checking this website prior to your appointments. 

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