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"Steps" for Surgery

Consultation with Dr. Bowen 

• Pre-paid, $150.

• $150 can be applied to your surgery fees.

•  You will meet with a Patient Care Coordinator after your consultation.


Schedule your surgery date and time

• A $1,000 deposit is required to book surgery.

• Our Surgery/Procedure Cancellation Policy will be provided to you in-office, as applicable. 


Pre-Surgical Clearance appointment with Dr. Bowen

• You will meet with Dr. Bowen again 10 to 14 days BEFORE your surgery.

• Your balance is due at the Pre-Surgical Clearance appointment.

• Dr. Bowen reviews Consent forms and Pre- and Post-Surgery instructions with you at this appointment. 

• Dr. Bowen will give you a lab slip so you can get blood work done; blood work must be completed in a timely fashion so that Dr. Bowen has a chance to review your blood work PRIOR to surgery. 

            ** The cost of blood work is NOT included in the surgery price.

• Dr. Bowen will write your prescriptions for your surgery.

• Fill the prescriptions and BRING THEM to surgery.  

• Take meds at the office when instructed to by Dr. Bowen or his surgical nurse.

Day of Surgery

• Bring medications and loose, comfortable clothing to surgery.

• It’s ok to eat a light meal before your procedure.

• You must have a ride home.

• Dr. Bowen will provide his cell phone number so that you can contact him should you have questions or concerns after surgery..


First post-surgical check with Dr. Bowen 

• 1 to 3 days after surgery



Your aftercare treatments are included in your surgery fee. 

• We'll schedule you for five (5) lymphatic massage treatments (15 min), each followed by 15 minutes in the Red Light bed.  

• Please note that we reserve the right to charge you for missing or late cancelling an Aftercare appointment, as these are scheduled appointments that commit our staff to the allotted time.  (See Cancellation Policy.)

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