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Intravenous therapy at its finest.

Taking your vitamins has officially reached a whole new level thanks to Vitamindrip, the more effective and rehabilitating way to get the vitamins you need to feel your best.

Vitamindrip is an enhanced form of rejenerative medicine that features advanced vitamin therapy to combat a series of potential health issues. This therapy model is based on the premise of traditional IV treatment. Injesting vitamins orally has natural limitations. Some of the medicinal benefits of the treatment are lost in the digestion process, and the quantity and quality of the medication you can take orally is limited as a result. Every time you swallow a vitamin, valuable energy potential is pushed through your body and left as waste. Vitamindrip changes this, bringing the vitamins directly into your bloodstream, with epic results.

What is Vitamindrip?

Vitamindrip is a scientifically formulated IV solution that combats dehydration with a series of chemically managed vitamin collections. By bringing the vitamins directly to your bloodstream, Vitamindrip is able to enhance personal health.

The benefits of Vitamindrip are endless:

  • Reduce risk of acute asthma attacks
  • Fight fatigue
  • Lesson the severity and frequency of migraine headaches
  • Improve pain management
  • Reduce muscle spasms

In addition to these benefits, Vitamindrip has also been found effective in coping with a long list of chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, sinusitis, cardiovascular disease, and seasonal allergies.

The Collection

Vitamindrip features a dual-sided collection of specialty vitamins that are designed to help you overcome issues that are pertinent to your health and wellness. The hustle collection is designed to enhance power and durability, while the heal collection is designed to improve health and fight chronic illness.

Talking with your doctor can help you determine what type of Vitamindrip may be best for your personal needs. The different Vitamindrip collections can be combined and adjusted overtime to help you experience maximum wellness. For more information about Vitamindrip, or to experience the benefits for yourself, contact us.