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The Y LIFT is a “game-changing” non-surgical facelift. Facial contouring is achieved with no general anesthesia, no incisions, and no stitches.

“Y LIFT is nothing short of a revolution!” ~ Dr. Robert Bowen

What is the Y LIFT®?

The Y LIFT® is a non-surgical approach to instantly lift and contour for a youthful facial shape. The goal of this treatment is to replenish lost volume and restore the natural contours of the eyes, cheeks, jaw line, and neck. The Y LIFT is ideal for candidates of all ages with an array of concerns as each treatment can be custom tailored to meet each patient’s individual desires. This quick, minimally invasive treatment does not require any incisions or suturing and the results are instant. The Y LIFT will sculpt and highlight each patient’s unique beauty.

Youthful contours resemble the letter Y; the face is wider at the top through the eyes and cheeks, leading to a narrow chin. The jaw line is firm and well-defined. As we age, the “arms” of the Y start to fall and widen, beginning to resemble more of a T than a Y. This happens when the structures of the face – fat, muscle and bone – shrink, as they do in the aging process. With the loss of this structural framework, once taut facial features begin to appear sunken, saggy, and wrinkled.

How Does it Work?

The Y LIFT utilizes dermal fillers such as Juvéderm to restore this lost structural framework for youthful facial contours, but accomplishes this with a more intricate, lasting technique based on the structural volumizing philosophy of Dr. Yan Trokel. Before the Y LIFT, fillers were typically only used under the superficial layers of facial skin.

Now, utilizing special instruments and a special technique, Y LIFT achieves volume restoration by injecting to the deeper levels of the face, below the muscle, resulting in a “lift.” Results, while not permanent, can last two to three years depending on the specific case and treatment area. Routine “mini” treatments are recommended for lasting sculpted results.

Y LIFT versus Facelift

The Y LIFT and a facelift both aim to create youthful facial contours, but do so using very different techniques. Facelifts require incisions and harsh manipulation of tissue and muscle to achieve its results. Excess skin is removed and incisions are sutured closed. Recovery and downtime for facelifts can take weeks and can be very painful. The Y LIFT on the other hand achieves youthful facial contours by much less invasive means. The Y LIFT does not require surgery, general anesthesia, or downtime. It is ideal for those with busy schedules, and is also the more cost-effective route.

Y LIFT Treatment Process

Dr. Bowen will use a specially developed tool to precisely map your facial structure for the most accurate and aesthetically pleasing placement of filler. Your face is then cleansed with Betadine for sterility, and the procedure itself begins. Lidocaine is strategically injected so that your Y LIFT is as comfortable as possible. The titanium instrument will then be inserted beneath the skin, past the epidermis, the dermis, and the muscle to reach just above the bone. Since the instrument is far from any nerves and numbing agents will have been used, the procedure is essentially pain-free.

Once the filler is injected, Dr. Bowen will mold and sculpt the area with his fingers to create natural-looking results. This process is repeated for each cheek and then each side of the jaw. Other areas such as nasal labial folds, may also be treated with filler during this procedure if the patient desires.

Recovery / Results

There is absolutely no downtime required after your Y LIFT treatment.

You will be asked to sleep on your back for the first two nights after your procedure, to not touch your face or wear makeup for a 24-hour period, and to not engage in heavy lifting for the two weeks after the procedure. Some patients will experience slight swelling, but are able to immediately to go back to work. Dr. Bowen’s staff will schedule you to come in the day AFTER your Y LIFT for Dr. Bowen to cleanse and massage your face.

If you are interested in this revolutionary treatment, please feel free to contact us today to schedule your Y LIFT consultation.