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What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial MD is a powerful non-invasive facial treatment that restores your skin’s overall health by removing dead cells and detoxifying, while invigorating new skin with nutrients.

In a few simple steps, the procedure provides the following advantages for your skin:

  • Exfoliation and extraction of dirt and oils
  • Hydration
  • Evens out sun damage, spots, and discoloration
  • Improves flawed skin texture
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clears acne
  • Promotes the absorption of antioxidants and other healthy natural elements

HydraFacial MD offers all these benefits in about 30 minutes without irritation, discomfort or downtime. It’s comprised of a series of steps which promotes tightening, brightening, cleansing and exfoliating effects on the face. The treatment serums contain natural ingredients like vitamins, herbal extracts, tea extracts, and hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids which band together to make skin look rejuvenated and amazing.

Steps of Treatment

The four steps of the HydraFacial procedure offer a whole slew of amazing benefits to revitalize and refresh the skin. Whether you’re coming in to get rid of blotchiness and acne, age lines and creases, or excessive oiliness of the skin, the treatment will leave your face looking and feeling completely refreshed. The 4-step protocol is designed to be safe and effective for all skin types. Your treatment can be further customized with optional steps to treat your individual concerns for optimal long-term benefits.

Step 1: Exfoliation

One of the main advantages of this procedure is its exfoliating effect. Using the specialized Activ-4 serum, HydraFacial scrubs away the dirt and dead skin cells clogging up those pores and finally letting them breathe. The exfoliating serum contains glycolic and lactic acids, and extracts from both yeast and algae – a combination which digs in to remove deeply embedded dead cells while simultaneously calming and soothing the skin cells below.

Step 2: Peel

This step, the Vortex-Peel™, uses glycolic and salicylic acids to offer additional exfoliation benefits, just like a peel procedure, but doesn’t leave your skin inflamed and unsightly.

Step 3: Extraction

The Vortex-Extraction part of the process extracts dirt and oils from clogged pores using a suction technique that doesn’t cause the patient any pain. The extraction step’s specialized serum uses honey extract, salicylic acid, and extract from a flower called spirea ulmeria to relieve the skin, provide anti-bacterial properties, hydrate and cleanse.

Step 4: Tightening and Protecting

Now that your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, the Vortex-Fusion aims to nourish and protect your skin. Your face will be treated to a delightful combination of green tea and Arnica, both known for their superior soothing characteristics. It also contains earth mineral peptides and hyaluronic acid, a natural component of your biological makeup which is used widely in cosmetic products designed to hydrate and plump skin that has succumbed to the sagging and wrinkles of age. Vortex-Fusion is specifically made to create renewed tautness in the face and reduce discoloration and spots.

How Does it Work?

Using these (and further optional) steps, the HydraFacial system uses a wholly noninvasive process that can be done in about 30 minutes. The device used for treatment offers a patented 4 in 1 advanced vortex delivery system that gives you all the benefits of combined facial treatments but takes away the risk of irritation, inflammation, and other negative side effects and potential complications. HydraFacial is the first-ever skin treatment that combines advanced medical technology with rejuvenating spa-like therapies to give patients immediate and lasting revitalized results.

Who is a Candidate?

One of the greatest things about HydraFacial is its compatibility with any skin type. Unlike other treatments, this system is safe for people with darker complexions. Nearly anyone can receive this treatment without concern if they struggle with any of the following issues:

  • Wrinkles and lines on the face
  • Acne / oily skin
  • Large pores
  • Tightness and elasticity
  • Discoloration, brown spots, unevenness in skin tone
  • Bumpy, dry, or rough skin

Before & After Photos

Companion Procedures

Although HydraFacial MD seeks to meet all of your facial needs at once, there are optional steps you may choose to add on to customize treatment of specific concerns for maximum results.


The Vortex-Boost serum represents an additional step that can be taken within the HydraFacial MD treatment. Made up of a specific type of hyaluronic acid which allows deep hydration, vitamins A and E, lactic acid, and extracts from white tea, horse chestnut, and rosemary to promote antioxidant absorption and overall skin health. This extra measure is perfect for patients who have sensitive skin on their faces, or who are battling dulled skin quality, lines and creasing, and other signs of age.


If discoloration is a real concern of yours, photofacial treatments can be performed as well. Photofacial treatments use light to improve flaws in the skin. Also known as color light therapy, this procedure employs light wavelengths to get rid of discoloration, and to boost the natural production of collagen in the face which tends to slow over time, causing loose, sagging, and more wrinkled skin.


There are certain products and practices you should avoid during the week leading up to your HydraFacial procedure. These include:

  • Heavy duty scrubs
  • Facial masks
  • Self tanners and tanning salon trips
  • Any cosmetic enhancement like dermal fillers or Botox
  • Certain prescription drugs like Retin A

After the Procedure

Here comes the best part: soon after your procedure, you are free to put on makeup and go about your day as usual!

In some cases the skin may remain slightly red or pink, but any such symptoms should vanish rapidly. We also offer a range of Daily Essentials products made up of the same ingredients used in the in-office treatment, so that you can do all the necessary maintenance to protect and invigorate your skin at home, to better keep it looking healthy and vibrant.


Results are visible immediately after just one single treatment. The new smooth and hydrated state of your skin should last about 5 to 7 days. Many patients choose to return for multiple turns with the HydraFacial system to create the best and longest-lasting appearance and health for their skin. We offer a membership program to encourage our patients to maintain their healthy skin with regular visits.