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DermalInfusion technology improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, blackheads, light acne scarring or other scars, and other common issues affecting the face and body. DermalInfusion provides gentle exfoliation while delivering customizable serums into the skin. This non-invasive treatment offers results without downtime or discomfort. It is suitable for all skin types.

DermalInfusion is offered exclusively through facilities with medical directors on staff; you cannot get DermalInfusion treatments at a typical day spa or salon.

What Is the Treatment Like?

Your provider will cleanse your face and neck prior to treatment. After selecting the serum appropriate for your skin concerns, the provider guides the DermalInfusion hand piece over your skin. The diamond tip will simultaneously exfoliate, extract, and infuse the serum to optimal skin depths.

Most patients describe a tingling sensation, but discomfort is usually non-existent. Patients immediately notice a smoother, more hydrated look and feel to their skin.

DermalInfusion is a 30-minute treatment; patients can return to activities immediately.


Unlike other microdermabrasion treatments, the DermalInfusion system combines non-invasive exfoliation in combination with deep delivery of patient-specific serums directly to the skin. The procedure delivers results without the use of crystal or chemical exfoliants. The serums are selected to infuse hydration, pore-cleansing, antioxidant, and/or skin lightening/brightening ingredients.

With each pass of the hand piece, dead, dull, dry skin is thoroughly removed, allowing extraction of dirt, debris, and bacteria. The patented 3-in-1 DermalInfusion technology encourages delivery of the serum at the moment of exfoliation, just before the skin’s protective process begins. This allows for deeper penetration of active ingredients and enhanced absorption and retention. The result: increased plumpness, volume, hydration, tone, and texture.

For more information on the benefits of Dermalinfusion, please feel free to schedule a consultation and we will gladly explain all the perks of this state-of-the-art treatment.

What can I expect for the results?

Patients notice a difference right away. However, when patients receive treatment in a series results are even more dramatic.

  • Volumizes Skin
  • More radiant, refreshed skin
  • Visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Targets skin concerns such as pigmentation, congested pores, rough texture, and mild acne scarring
  • Gives a lasting youthful boost
  • Stimulates healthy cell renewal

What are the side effects and risks?

There is not usually any downtime after this procedure, but some patients notice a tingling sensation after treatment. A light pinkness to the skin is common, and usually resolves within an hour.

Can this be combined with other treatments?

The DermalInfusion treatment may be combined with other treatments in our office such as photorejuvenation (BBL), chemical peel, Halo Laser, and injectable fillers. Many patients choose to undergo combination treatments for maximum aesthetic results.