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The gold standard for body contouring is lipoplasty, which literally means “fat changing”. Lipoplasty physically removes fat from deposits under the skin. This can be accomplished either:

The Old School Way

In a surgery center or hospital operating room, with the patient under general anesthesia.

The New Way

In the physician’s office, using tumescent anesthesia, with the patient lightly sedated but conscious.

PureLipo™ is an innovative procedure, one that allows for more precise body contouring and less trauma. PureLipo does not depend on a particular device such as a laser (Smartlipo), ultrasound (VASER), vibration (NIL), or a simple syringe.

The PureLipo surgeon can use any of these devices in creating a new sleeker shape for the patient. Dr. Bowen may use several of these methods during the same procedure depending on the patients’ particular needs.

Dr. Bowen completed a liposuction fellowship with the physician who perfected the procedure. The PureLipo training program involves extended training with both a medical team in Florida and here in our office in Martinsburg.

Before & After Photos

What PureLipo Patients Are Saying

“I love my new results. I feel attractive and young again. My family loves the results, and they see me happier too!”
-Tracey P. Marinsbury, WV

“I have had ‘saddle bags’ for over 40 years. It was time to do something nice for myself. Dr. Bowen and his staff were wonderful. They have helped me to feel good about myself. Now people can look at my face and not my hips.”
-Becky H. Keedysville, MD

“I was very pleased with the overall PureLipo the first time. I had it done twice to get the final results I was looking for — it worked very well. I feel better and the results were what I had hoped for. My whole outlook on myself is much more upbeat.”
-Michelle M., Hedgesville, WV

“I am very pleased with the results. I look and feel better and thinner.”
-Jean C., Martinsburg, WV

“Very impressed. I lost 7 inches!”
-V.R., Marinsburg, WV

What Our Patients Are Saying…

I loved the results. I feel more confident and better about myself and I am looking forward to having more done later. The staff was very nice and made me feel at ease during my procedure.

– Patsy B., Martinsburg, WV