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Laser hair removal has proven to be a very effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Recent advancements in technology now enable us to treat all skin types and most hair colors effectively.

Better results are seen when the site for hair removal has been shaved within the 24 hours just prior to treatment. We utilize a special device with an integrated cooling system to protect your skin and to reduce discomfort. Pulses of laser energy are delivered to the base of the hair to effectively destroy the follicle. Once this has occurred, that specific hair will never grow back. As all hair grows in cycles, we recommend a series of treatments, one every 4 to 8 weeks. Normally 3-8 treatments will be needed to remove the maximum amount of hair.

If you are in Winchester, Martinsburg, or any surrounding areas and are interested in laser hair removal, please feel free to contact our office. We look forward to helping you on your journey to smooth, hairless skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

Each laser pulse feels like a slight sting or pinch, similar to a snap of a rubber band. No local anesthesia is required and most people tolerate the treatment well.

Can All Hair Be Treated?

Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal system allows us to design an effective program for most unwanted hair. Light blonde hair can be reduced but will need more treatment than darker hair. Any hair with at least some pigment (color) in it can be treated effectively.

Is Laser Therapy Safe For All Skin Types?

Yes. We can safely treat all skin types.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

Side effects are rare. You may experience some slight redness or local swelling at the site of hair removal, but this typically goes away within hours. On rare occasions, some blistering or bruising may occur, but this typically resolves quickly. Also, the skin can become darker or lighter following treatment, but will generally return to normal within a few weeks. Limiting sun exposure before and after each treatment will minimize the risk of complications. Following the treatment, you can generally return to work and resume all regular activities immediately.

What Kind of Results Should I Expect From Laser Hair Removal?

Laser technology creates permanent hair reduction in the number of regrowing hairs following each treatment in most skin types. The number of treatments required depends on several factors related to your specific kind of hair and skin. A customized laser hair removal treatment program will be designed for you along with an estimate of how many treatments you may need in order to meet your expectations.