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Keeping blemishes at bay with at-home skin care, medications, and lifestyle changes is exhausting. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to fight acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, consider the power of laser. Our NeoClear by Aerolase® laser treatment targets bacteria and inflammation that creates acne, helping eliminate it at its source.

NeoClear laser in Martinsburg can help you clear acne though this non-invasive, no-downtime treatment. Learn how this acne treatment can help you achieve your skin goals.

NeoClear Laser


Treatable Concerns

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Treatment Time

Procedure time varies between 15 and 45 minutes.


Female or Male

18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

There is no recovery time needed after treatment with NeoClear laser in Martinsburg.

NeoClear® Treatment Before & After


Why try the NeoClear laser in Martinsburg?


Treats All Ages & Skin Types

NeoClear is suitable for all ages and skin types, no matter if you're dry, oily, or combination skin. It can also safely treat tanned skin and darker skin types.


Treats Many Areas

Many people experience acne elsewhere, like the chest and back along with facial acne. NeoClear can treat all of these areas and more.


No Downtime

There's no need to interrupt you routine; NeoClear does not require any downtime for healing.

The NeoClear Laser Process.

What to Expect?


At Dr. Robert Bowen, consultations are where we get to know you and your goals for professional treatment. We'll analyze your skin, discuss expectations, and determine if NeoClear or one of our other acne treatments is the best fit for you. We will also recommend a number of treatment sessions to achieve your desired results; this is usually between 4 to 6 treatments. After confirming your treatment, we'll book your appointment at a day and time that works best with your schedule. Since there is no downtime involved, many people come in during their work day.

NeoClear Laser Treatment.

Your provider will prep your skin as necessary before starting the treatment. The laser is not painful, and we'll make sure you're comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Treatment time varies on the amount and size of the treatment area(s).

Next Steps.

After we finish your treatment with NeoClear laser in Martinsburg, we'll go over any aftercare instructions. We always recommend you maintain a good skincare routine with regular use of sunscreen, cleanser, and moisturizer.


  • Avoid waxing, facials, hair removal (threading, electrolysis, etc.), extensive sun exposure, or any other laser treatments to the treatment area at least a week prior to your procedure.
  • Stop using topical skin treatments (except for a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen) three days before the treatment.


  • Do not use any cleansing devices or brushes (i.e. Clarisonic) or exfoliating scrubs or other topical products for at least 10 days following your treatment.
  • Avoid any UV exposure for 24 hours and use sunscreen.
  • Do not bump, pick, scratch, or itch your skin.

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Am I a candidate?

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