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Vaginal health and wellness is incredibly important over the entire duration of a woman’s life. But as we age, factors such as childbirth, genetics, lifestyle, and more can affect the way we feel about our vagina. Emfemme 360 is a state-of-the-art vaginal rejuvenation device that works to improve circulation, combat dryness, and balance your overall sexual health and wellness, so you can feel incredible again.

The Procedure


Treatable Concerns

Urinary incontinence

Muscle pain and spasms

Decreased sensitivity

Vaginal dryness

Procedure Time

8 minutes


21 years or older

How it works

Emfemme 360 uses radiofrequency to gently heat the treatment area. This creates change on a cellular level, increasing collagen production and cell regeneration. This strengthens your vaginal walls, giving you relief from muscle spasm pain, incontinence, dryness, and more.

Why try Emfemme 360 in Martinsburg?


Quick treatment

This is one of the fastest vaginal rejuvenation treatments out there, both in treatment time, and number of sessions! Treatments are under 10 minutes and typically patients require only 3 sessions to see results. 



The Emfemme 360 procedure is absolutely pain-free, and actually works to tackle any pre-existing pain in the treatment area. 


Lasting Results

Over the weeks and months following your treatment sessions, your body will continue to produce more collagen in the treatment area. This means you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of Emfemme 360 for the long-run!

The Emfemme 360 Process.

What to Expect?


It is incredibly important to us to create a customized, comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to your concerns and desired results. Our consultations allow us to truly get to know you and learn the best approach for your treatment. 


Your provider uses the Emfemme 360 device to deliver safe and specialized radiofrequency to the treatment area. This induces the body's natural healing process and triggers an increase in cell regeneration and collagen production. 


Emfemme 360 combats incontinence and vaginal dryness. Results also include tighter vaginal canals, increased sensitivity, enhanced orgasm, and a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance overall!

Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does Emfemme 360 enhance sexual wellness?

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