The Medical Weight Loss Program: Is TrimYou for You?

//The Medical Weight Loss Program: Is TrimYou for You?

The Medical Weight Loss Program: Is TrimYou for You?

Losing weight is no easy prospect, as anyone who has gone on a diet will tell you.  Dealing with hunger and cravings through caloric restriction is enough to sabotage even the most committed dieter.  Dr. Robert Bowen understands the challenges facing those who are trying to shed unwanted pounds, and that is why he offers the TrimYou Medical Weight Loss Program.

What is TrimYou?

TrimYou is a medical weight loss program that combines a low-calorie diet with injections of hCG.  Also known as human chorionic gonadotropin, this hormone is produced in large amounts by the female body during pregnancy.  As a weight loss aid, hCG tricks the brain to use up calories from fat storage when the caloric intake is severely dropped.  Dieters shed pounds while preserving the lean muscle necessary to maintain a high metabolic rate and a healthy body.

The hCG diet was the brainchild of Dr. ATW Simeons, who identified three different types of body fat:

  • Structural Fat – this is the fat surrounding vital organs and vessels to provide support and protection;
  • Normal Fat – this is fat that is found all over the body and used by the body for energy; and
  • Abnormal Fat – this is localized areas of fat around the abdomen, thighs and hips that leads to significant weight gain and an increased risk of many different diseases and conditions.

Injections of hCG enable the body to use up stores of abnormal fat as energy, helping dieters drop pounds faster than they would on a traditional diet plan.  Most patients on the TrimYou diet lose up to one pound of fat per day, without losing a significant amount of lean muscle mass.

Who is it For?

The TrimYou Medical Weight Loss program can be used by nearly anyone who wants to lose a significant amount of weight quickly and safely.  The program is only available under a physician’s supervision and hCG can only be obtained by prescription.  Because of the low caloric intake of this diet, it is important for dieters to see Dr. Bowen or his clinical staff regularly to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the program.

If you are frustrated with diet plans that have not produced the desired results, maybe it is time to check out Dr. Bowen’s weight loss program.  Dr. Bowen is the only physician in the Martinsburg area to provide this weight loss option to patients.  To learn more about hCG and weight loss, contact Dr. Robert Bowen’s staff at 304-264-9080.

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