PureLipo: Is it Right for You?

//PureLipo: Is it Right for You?

PureLipo: Is it Right for You?

PureLipo is an innovative lipoplasty technique that allows for removal of large pockets of fat without general anesthesia and with less downtime afterward.  The procedure uses large quantities of tumescent fluid to provide comfort to the patient while loosening fat cells for easier removal.  The result is a smoother, more sculpted body contour, with less bruising and bleeding, less discomfort and with a faster recovery period than with traditional liposuction.

Candidates for PureLipo

PureLipo can be used on any area on your body where you can grab-and-pinch fat.   Common treatment areas include:

  • Waist and abdomen
  • Back (“love handles”) and flanks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Bra line
  • Male chest

A PureLipo physician may utilize any number of liposuction devices — including lasers, ultrasound or vibration — to enhance the precision and safety of the procedure.  Dr. Robert Bowen, an expert in liposuction procedures, may even use a combination  of these techniques in a single treatment session to produce the best possible results for his patients.

Standing Out from the Rest

The unique tumescent solution used during PureLipo is what allows this technique to stand apart from other lipoplasty procedures. Ingredients in the tumescent solution include:

  • Saline Solution – allows fat cells to separate more easily from the skin and muscle for easier removal, while diluting epinephrine and anesthesia in the formula
  • Epinephrine – causes blood vessels to constrict during the procedure, ensuring less bleeding and bruising during and after treatment
  • Lidocaine – provides long-lasting comfort to the patient throughout the procedure, without the need for the increased risks and longer recovery time associated with general anesthesia

How it Works

PureLipo is performed in Dr. Bowen’s office on an outpatient basis, using the tumescent anesthesia and oral medication to keep the patient relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.  Tumescent fluid is injected into the treatment area, numbing the area and increasing firmness for easier fat removal.  A small incision is made to allow for the insertion of a small cannula, which removes the fat cells using gentle suction.

Each body area takes approximately one hour to treat, depending on the overall size and contouring needs of that area.  After the surgery, patients will experience draining of the tumescent fluid over the next few hours to days (a desired outcome), and may be instructed to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and encourage healing of the area.  Most PureLipo patients are able to return to work and regular activities within 3-4 days.   For athletes, or those who have an established work out regimen prior to having PureLipo surgery, Dr. Bowen will view with you when/how you can best return to your previous activity level.

Dr. Robert Bowen specializes in all types of body contouring procedures, which is the hallmark of a PureLipo-trained physician.  To learn more, contact Dr. Bowen’s staff at 304-264-9080.

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