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We’d like to take this opportunity — in anticipation of soon meeting you in person at the Consultation — to welcome you to Dr. Bowen’s Cosmetic Medicine & Body Contouring practice!

You are in good hands.

Not only has Dr. Bowen mastered multiple fields of medicine (pulmonary, critical care, sleep medicine, wound care, vascular medicine, and cosmetic medicine & body contouring), he also has a great bedside manner. He is approachable, has a great sense of humor, is honest and direct.  He routinely prevents patients from spending time and money on procedures that they will not benefit from, hence his strong, positive reputation amongst both his physician peers and his patients.

To get the most out of your Consultation with Dr. Bowen, please plan to arrive 5 minutes early if you have completed your Intake form ahead of time, or 10 minutes early if you have not. We typically run on time.

Completing your Intake Form in advance allows you the opportunity to take your time with your answers.  It’s also a great way to ensure you give us a comprehensive look at what is most important to YOU.

To download a copy of the Intake form now, please click here

We will have the Intake form available to you here in the office should you not fill it out beforehand.

Please note The Intake form is not electronic, by design.  Please return the completed paper copy to us when you come in for your Consultation.

During the initial Consultation, Dr. Bowen will take the time to:

  • understand your goals,
  • educate you regarding your options,
  • design a course of action that fits you and your lifestyle, and
  • deliver realistic expectations for your results.

Be sure to let Dr. Bowen know if you have any medical problems, are currently taking medication or herbal supplements, or have allergies. (While it’s cosmetic medicine, it’s still medicine!)

Also let Dr. Bowen know how much time you’ll be able to devote to your recovery, for procedures where recovery time is involved. By knowing what kind of work you do (active or sedentary), current workout program if any, etc., Dr. Bowen can customize treatment to work with/for your particular circumstances.

In addition to meeting with Dr. Bowen, you will have the opportunity at the Consultation to talk with Dr. Bowen’s staff, many of who have experienced cosmetic procedures & surgery with Dr. Bowen themselves. Also, you will be able to review Before & After photos of patients treated by Dr. Bowen. If you’d like to check out the Before & After gallery now, click here.

Bottom line: You will receive honest, expert guidance without pressure and with your best interests in mind.