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5 Causes of Adult Acne and How to Cure It

Acne is a problem commonly thought to be restricted to the teen years, but the truth is that breakouts can strike at nearly any age.  For women in their middle years, the combination of pimples and wrinkles may be almost too much to bear.  The good news is there are effective ways to keep adult acne at bay without irritating sensitive, aging skin.  In fact, some of those treatment options might address those wrinkles at the same time. 5 Causes [...]

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3 Tips for Fuller Lips

Fuller lips are a feature most women want, but few know how to get. There are a number of ways to boost lip volume, from easy makeup tips to cosmetic procedures. If you are unhappy with your thin smile, check out these three tips for plumping up your pucker. Makeup Finesse for Fuller Lips For a quick fix, there are some makeup techniques you can use to make lips look fuller. First, grab your favorite pink lipstick or gloss. Pink [...]

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Morale Booster – The Journal article

Morale Booster – Dr. Robert Bowen’s Center for Positive Aging is the first office in West Virginia to use the ProFractional Laser   “Like many women her age, Nancy Benton of Bunker Hill was starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles on her face and began to consider having something done about it. Read The Journal article here.

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