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Laser Treatments for…

//Laser Treatments for…

Laser Treatments for…

We like to focus on laser treatments during winter months.  This is the time when we are not out in the sun, and lasers can do their work without interference from our sunbathing habits, or even from incidental exposure.  Because laser energy targets pigment, it’s important to be treated when your skin isn’t darker due to sun exposure.  Colder months are also when patients are less likely to work in opposition to treatment by going back into the sun after reversing existing sun damage.

Dr. Bowen is board certified in Cosmetic Laser Surgery.  He is an expert in the use of light via lasers for healing and rejuvenation.  The laser of choice in our practice is the Sciton laser for its flexibility of use for everything from BBL to Laser Hair Removal to Profractional resurfacing.  Dr. Bowen speaks around the world about laser use;  in January 2016 he was a keynote speaker in Hollywood, Florida at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual meeting.

Lasers use light energy to do their work.

  • They target brown spots, redness, and sun damage.    BBL and Forever Young BBL
  • They can target the pigment in hair, causing the follicle to stop growing hair permanently.   Laser Hair Removal
  • They can be used to inhibit overactive sebaceous glands to reduce the incidence of acne.   SkinTyte for Acne
  • They can help your body heal itself to produce healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin.   Profractional

Laser treatments are simple…but serious.

Make sure you have a qualified person to do your laser treatment.  Understand whether you will experience “downtime” after your procedure, and know what to expect as you recover.  Commit to the required treatments and post-care in order to achieve your best results.

To help you with laser treatments during winter months, we are offering a special discount for a series.  Contact us at (304) 264-9080 to book your appointment and reserve the special. Or email angela@drrobertbowen.com.

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