Celebrate Yourself – A Collaboration with All About Emotions

//Celebrate Yourself – A Collaboration with All About Emotions

Celebrate Yourself – A Collaboration with All About Emotions

There is a lot of discussion about cosmetic procedures, “loving yourself just the way you are” and living up to the standards set by media and culture.  Working in the field of cosmetic medicine, we often think really hard about what we do and why we do it.

People have all kinds of reasons for wanting to make changes in themselves.  Sometimes it’s as simple as, “I don’t like looking tired all the time.”  Sometimes it’s, “I need to erase sun damage before it becomes something worse.”  Or, “My weight is out of control and I need help before it kills me.”

JOY_5587Sometimes it’s, “I don’t like the way I look.”  Period.  That simple.

And what’s wrong with that?

In these situations, feeling helpless to make a change just adds frustration to the situation.  Cosmetic medicine offers hope and help.  We have the technology!  How empowering to know you can do something to feel better, more confident, more able to stop focusing on things we see as shortcomings so we can see ourselves as we truly are.

Ultimately, no matter your age, size or shape, no matter what stage of your life you find yourself in, you can and should celebrate who you are.  All About Emotions and Dr. Robert Bowen collaborated in a project to celebrate two of Dr. Bowen’s staff members, who took steps to uncover their true beauty and take special note of the beautiful ladies they are.  Some of the photographs and videos on our website are the result of this collaboration with Joy Rahat of All About Emotions.

For more information, visit Joy’s website at www.allaboutemotions.com.

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