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Beyond Botox: Why beauty is MORE than skin deep

//Beyond Botox: Why beauty is MORE than skin deep

Beyond Botox: Why beauty is MORE than skin deep

When it comes to having a natural, healthy, youthful look, Botox® only touches the surface. As the saying goes, “Beauty is more than skin deep.”

VISIA sun damage

VISIA analysis shows what’s happening below the surface

Everything you are is cells.  When you look in the mirror, you are seeing the results of the overall health of your cells.  Health and beauty START at the cellular level.

Dr. Charles Runels describes the benefits of thinking of cosmetic medicine at a cellular level, rather than just the surface level.

Think about your bed.  If you get a surgical facelift, you are giving yourself the equivalent of new sheets.  They fit a little tighter; they are not threadbare.  However, if you pursue beauty from a cellular level, you are giving yourself the equivalent of a new sheet (epidermis), a new mattress (dermis) and new box springs (fatty tissue and bone.)

Wouldn’t you love to have that depth of rejuvenation?

You can get Botox® injections regularly to relax the muscles that are “causing” your wrinkles, making you look more refreshed and youthful. You can have corrective Broad Band Laser (BBL) treatments to get rid of sun damage, redness and Rosacea, and uneven skin tone. These are the “new sheets” on the bed.

But, by going deeper–that is, by looking at how cellular function contributes to health and youth–cosmetic medicine can make you not only look younger, but rejuvenate all the way down to the “box springs.”

PRP,  short for Platelet Rich Plasma, is derived from your own blood  and is rich with growth factors.  These factors stimulate your body’s natural healing response; actual new tissue and increased blood flow speed healing and restore youthful vitality.

For decades, doctors in the orthopedic, veterinary, and dental fields have known that your own blood is your best friend.

ORTHOPEDICS:  healing injuries such as sprains and damaged tendons:  “PRP for Hip Arthritis”

DENTAL:  “After Teeth Are Pulled, Platelet-Rich Plasma May Speed Healing”

VETERINARY:  “Procedure makes Old Dogs Act, Feel Like Puppies Again”

Now cosmetic medicine is using cellular medicine to help patients restore function and youth as well.  Wherever PRP is placed, it has the effect of revitalizing tissue. And it’s not only about how a person looks, but also about improving your health at the cellular level safely and naturally for long-lasting results.

What can your PRP do for YOU?

  • Brighten, tighten, and plump the look of your skin
  • Restore the “rosy” hue of youth
  • Re-volumize sagging breasts
  • Correct breast implants that are showing through
  • Improve sexual function in both men and women
  • Heal urinary incontinence O-Shot®

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, don’t stop at the surface.  Dr. Bowen and his team will help you see beyond, because beauty is more than skin deep.

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