5 Causes of Adult Acne and How to Cure It

//5 Causes of Adult Acne and How to Cure It

5 Causes of Adult Acne and How to Cure It

Acne is a problem commonly thought to be restricted to the teen years, but the truth is that breakouts can strike at nearly any age.  For women in their middle years, the combination of pimples and wrinkles may be almost too much to bear.  The good news is there are effective ways to keep adult acne at bay without irritating sensitive, aging skin.  In fact, some of those treatment options might address those wrinkles at the same time.

5 Causes of Adult Acne

Acne is the result of sebum oil production for both teenagers and adults.  Sebum is produced by the body’s sebaceous glands and is responsible for clogging pores, leading to skin inflammation and blackouts.  However, the reason for excess sebum production is different for adults than for teens.  In adults, overactive sebum production could be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Hormonal Imbalances – particularly during perimenopause or menopause
  • Genetics – if a family member had adult acne, you are more likely to have it as well
  • Stress – stress hormones increase sebum production
  • Beauty Products – formulas should be oil-free and non-comedogenic
  • Medications – some types of medications may have acne breakouts as a side effect

No matter what the cause, most pimple-prone adults just want to know how to get rid of the condition and enjoy a clearer complexion.  The problem is that products normally suitable to oily teen skin may be too harsh for the sensitive adult complexion.  It’s important for adults to find products and treatments tailored to their needs and skin type to achieve the best possible results.

Treatment for Adult Acne

Adult acne can be treated with a number of options, including:

  • Topical solutions – While there are many over-the-counter products that can effectively reduce the number and severity of acne breakouts, some patients may require a prescription formula with a combination of acne fighting ingredients.  The good news is some of those ingredients, like retinol, may also effectively minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • Cosmetic solutions – If medication doesn’t do the trick, a cosmetic physician may also have treatment options available.  Consider laser or light therapy to attack breakouts below the surface of the skin for long-lasting results.

Contact Dr. Robert Bowen in Martinsburg, WV

Adult acne is an embarrassing problem for many adults today, but treatment is available. If you have been unable to control your breakouts on your own, contact Dr. Robert Bowen to learn more about your options in eliminating adult acne for good.

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