4 Reasons to Choose TrimYou to Lose Weight

//4 Reasons to Choose TrimYou to Lose Weight

4 Reasons to Choose TrimYou to Lose Weight

It seems like most of us have tried losing weight at one time or another.

Figuring out what will work for you and finding a diet you can trust can be tricky. First, you’ve got to know your tolerance, your ability to adhere to a program, your goal, and the time frame you have to achieve it. But you should also know whether the program you choose is credible.

Here are 4 reasons why TrimYou Medical Weight Loss is a credible choice for losing unwanted fat, and could be a great choice for you:

1. The doctor has tried it himself.
Liposuction is NOT for everyone!
Dr. Bowen talks about why he chose the diet for himself, and subsequently for the practice:

quote-leftSoon after starting our liposuction practice in 2009, I was seeing many patients asking for liposuction who were actually better candidates for weight loss. Some had mostly intra-abdominal fat — fat INSIDE the abdomen, not fat on the outside of the abdominal wall that can be PINCHED — and some had risk factors for heart and vascular disease such as high cholesterol, diabetes, or hypertension. Telling these patients that a better option for them was to “eat better and exercise more” was valid, but not specific enough to be helpful. At this point I started to do research on medically supervised weight loss programs.  I decided to test the diet myself before prescribing it to patients. I was amazed that despite eating only 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, and 2 fruits per day, I was actually NOT hungry…and I lost 18 pounds in 21 days.quote-right

2. The foods can be purchased at your grocery store.
Nothing is more frustrating than starting a diet that requires you to get foods you can’t purchase at your neighborhood grocery store. Order it? Wait for it to come in? No, I want what’s already in my fridge. The list of allowed foods on the TrimYou diet is quite simple, and it’s all foods you can get on your regular shopping trip.

Click to see a list of the foods you can eat on TrimYou:  TrimYou_Menu
3. The science behind the diet makes sense.
The hCG TrimYou protocol was first created more than sixty years ago by Dr. ATW Simeons, whose specific combination of a Very Low Calorie diet, precise dosage of hCG hormone, and strict allowable food choices has proven to be nearly 100% effective for losing weight. Everyone wants to ditch extra pounds, but not all weight loss is equal. Losing muscle or water weight is not the same as losing actual fat. hCG prevents the “starvation response” that can happen with low calorie intake, and helps your body to burn abnormal FAT stores for energy–between 2000 to 4000 fat calories a day.

4. Actual patient experiences reveal success.
We have documented our patients losing from 1/2 pound to a full pound per day. Patients who adhere to the protocol find fun ways to enhance their experience. One success story sent us a picture of his shopping cart (including a treat for “loading” days!) and subsequent weekly meal preparations. This patient put a lot of emphasis on following the protocol, and experienced 1 pound or more lost weight per day.


Another patient told us:
quote-leftDuring my consultation, I was skeptical that I could lose an average of a pound of fat a day on the program. These doubts were quickly abolished in the first week. I was amazed how the pounds simply melted away without an exercise regimen or ever feeling tired or hungry. I felt empowered and energized. I lost a total of 34 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 14 in six weeks. I had an expectation of weight loss, but I never dreamed of the positive impact the program would also have on my health and wellbeing.quote-right

Over and over again, we show patients who successfully complete the protocol and learn to keep the weight off.  One of them could be you!

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