4 Causes of Skin Aging

//4 Causes of Skin Aging

4 Causes of Skin Aging

Skin changes as we age can make us look older than we really feel. The aging process impacts the skin in a variety of ways, sometimes leaving us feeling like there is nothing we can do to stop the process. The good news is that there are as many anti-aging treatments as there are causes of skin aging, ensuring you can find the perfect treatment for your specific needs.

Environmental Exposure

Pollution, cigarette smoke and the sun’s rays lead to skin damage, showing up as fine lines, wrinkles and changes in pigment (dark spots). ProFractional laser therapy and Forever Young BBL are Dr. Bowen’s preferred ‘weapons’ against these problems.  These procedures provide dramatic results with less downtime than other skin resurfacing procedures (such as CO2 laser resurfacing).  Fractional therapy addresses small portions of skin at one time, leaving surrounding tissue and skin intact.  Forever Young BBL treatment targets and treats abnormal ‘reds’ and ‘browns’ in the skin.  Treatment stimulates the body’s own healing process, leading to smoother skin with fewer lines and age spots.

Repetitive Muscle Action

Over time, the repetitive muscle action that goes into forming facial expressions can also take its toll on our skin. The result is the formation of fine lines and deeper facial creases, particularly around the eyes and forehead.  BOTOX Cosmetic injections effectively relax the ‘culprit’ facial muscles, visibly smoothing away forehead creases, frown lines and crow’s feet.

Loss of Facial Volume

Collagen is an important substance in the body that supports the underlying skin structure.  As we age, we produce less collagen, leading to sagging skin and loss of facial volume.  Injectable fillers (we prefer Juvéderm products) are designed specifically for volumizing larger areas to restore a youthful facial profile.  Treatment with Injectables is quick and requires no downtime.  Results last a number of months to a couple of years (depending on which Juvéderm product is used) before additional treatment is needed.

Loss of Elasticity

As we age, our bodies also produce less elastin, which leads to sagging skin and the appearance of deeper facial creases. If your skin appears to have lost much of its elasticity, or is sagging, Ultherapy treatments may help.  Non-invasive, no-downtime Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat underlying tissue, tightening the tissue as it heals.  The process also stimulates collagen production over time to produce long-lasting results.

The aging process takes its toll on the skin in many ways, but the good news is there are many options in treatments today to reverse those aging signs.  To learn more about your choices in anti-aging treatments, contact Dr. Robert Bowen’s staff at 304-264-9080.  We’re here to help!

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